Brendan lee

Reviews and Interviews

Reviews and interviews

Selected Reviews

Dylan Rainforth, Tribalism and Team Australia under the microscope in Brendan Lee exhibition The Great Divide The Age Dec 15, 2014
Michael Brennan, The Wrong Crowd One of the Blokes Catalogue essay LUMA 2012
Dr Callum Scott, Bogue Nation: Walking with Bogans Australia Days catalogue April 2011
Dylan Rainforth, Taking a crack at Aussie blokes, The Age July 1, 2009
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Veronica Tello, Team Australia Catalogue, December 08
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Broadsheet NEW07
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Penny Web, Critics Choice, The Age, July 2004
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Dominique Angeloro, Critic's Choice, Sydney Morning Herald, March 12 2004
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Adrian Martin, ART+FILM catalogue essay.
Gavin Findlay, An eye on mortality, RealTime, May 2003
Greg Deftereos, Wall Candy Catalogue essay, 2003
Lily Hibberd, Take a Hard Look at the Evidence, …Numbers Up catalogue, 2002
Daniel Palmer, Brendan Lee: the cinema-computer experience, RealTime 2002
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Blair French Video goes big time: some crucial questions, RealTime, 2003
John Safran, Catalogue essay, ANGER, September 2001
Technologies in the sector, Museum National, August 2000
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Natasha Bullock, Immersed: the contemporary body object, 2000